Mobile Hybrid Container Shelter System

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This entirely self-contained shelter system adds an increased level of mobility to the Western Shelter line. Interoperable with all our existing shelter designs, the Mobile Hybrid Container Shelter integrates a GateKeeper 1935 into a standard ISU-90 shipping container creating an incredibly mobile solution to field operations in inaccessible locations. Self-contained in a single container, the system reduces the need for allocated warehouse space, decreases load times, and supports DoD transportation & logistics operations.

The MCHS90 includes everything needed to rapidly deploy the entire system, including an ISU-90 4 door container, GK1935 shelter system, Vestibule Entryway and container connector, generator, HVAC, lighting, and power. To enhance the functionality of the system, kits to support billeting, medical, and command applications can be added to the standard Mobile Hybrid Container Shelter.

  • Exterior: 108″L x 88″W x 90″H
  • Interior: 495 cubic feet
  • Tare Weight: 1720 lbs
  • Payload: 10,000 lbs.
  • Aircraft Certified: C-130 – fore and aft of wheel well, C-5, C-17, KC-10 – centerline only, numerous commercial aircraft
  • Helicopter sling certifiable
  • 4 way forliftable internal airlift/helicopter slingable container



Mobile Hybrid Container Spec Sheet


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