Mobile Hybrid Container Shelter System

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The Mobile Hybrid Container System is a rapidly-deploying, self-sustaining shelter system providing full living capability for small expeditionary forces. This entirely self-contained shelter system adds an increased level of mobility to the Western Shelter line. The Mobile Hybrid Container Shelter ( MHCS) is built to be stored, transported, and deployed using a standard ISU-90 container. This container system provides an enhanced range of mobility options by land, sea, or air with payloads that meet requirements for both military and civilian aircraft.

Incorporated into a single container, the system reduces the need for allocated warehouse space, decreases load times, and supports DOD transportation and logistics operations. While the system can be stored and transported with minimal dedicated space and personnel, the deployed system quickly expands to create a shelter that includes climate control, power, and lighting, giving you the foundational pieces of almost any shelter application.

When stored, the system measures just 108”x88”x90” and weighs approximately 5900 lbs. When deployed, it provides more than 700 sq. ft. of usable floor space with six-foot vertical walls. Deployment can be completed without ladders or specialized tools of any kind by a six-person crew in under two hours.

This MHCS is offered in a Base Package which includes the SW-1935 Berry Compliant Western Shelter with entryway, vestibule connector and environmentally sealed floor. A 120V inlet with 12 volt converter and lighting is included in this basic package. The MHCS is interoperable with all of our existing shelter designs and its incorporation into your existing cache can bring a new level of mobility to your system.

Four different packages are offered to tailor the system to your needs, all four include a 15k generator and HVAC for power and climate control. The Billeting System includes 10 bunkbeds, and boasts a complete showering and toilet system. The Command System features a rapid setup/strike dual projection system, tables and chairs. A Medical System includes 10 patient cots, 5 medical organizer bags, showering system and toilets. Or opt for the General Purpose package with just the generator and HVAC.

  • Footprint (transport): 108″L x 88″W x 90″H
  • Usable area: 755 sq. ft.
  • Total weight: 5900 lbs
  • Operational environment: -40° to 120° F
  • ISO Certified for air, land or sea transport
  • Helicopter sling certifiable: 4 way forkliftable internal airlift/helicopter slingable container
  • Total set-up time: 2 hours with 6 personnel





26-Person Mobile Hybrid Container System