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Innovative Solutions to Field Operations


Western Shelter Systems brings together a complete solution for field operations. Our entire line of shelter systems and support equipment focuses on providing mission based solutions to the medical and military communities. The Western Shelter System has been proven to reliably support field applications that range from temporary housing camps, bases of operation, and mobile field hospitals during disaster response.

Used exclusively by FEMA (US&R), and HHS (DMAT) teams in response to every major disaster since 1992, our shelter systems provide turn-key solutions that can be inter-operable with other WSS shelters during multi-agency events.

Our continued product additions and enhancements have come from listening to the needs of our customers. Our team of experts cannot only help you select a line of equipment to meet your unique needs, they can also provide real world training and knowledge to help streamline your field response. Shelter complexes can be outfitted with a range of logistical support equipment and furnishings such as climate control, electrical, and water distribution systems to support the needs of all personnel.

From logistics to mobile medical, Western Shelter has a proven solution for real world applications. Let our expert team prepare a quote specifically designed to fit your mission.

Western Shelter System Deployments

Mobile Hybrid Container System
Rapidly-deploying, self-sustaining shelter system providing full living capability for small expeditionary forces.
WSS Supports “Rock and a Hard Place”
In March, the Public Health branch of Alaska's DHSS conducted a disaster simulation in Homer, Alaska with support of volunteers and a number of agencies, including the National Guard and DoD.
U.S. Hospitals Improvise Ebola Defenses, At A Cost
Read the complete article on CBS.
Shelters in a crisis
A Eugene company’s tents are essential gear for disaster response around the world
Training with the Indiana State Dept of Health
Indiana State Department of Health hosted three trainings statewide to prepare emergency responders on how to set up and utilize the State’s most recently acquired resource a mobile hospital unit.
New Jersey EMS Task Force Provides Medical Treatment During Van’s Warp Tour.
New Jersey EMS Task Force deployed two 1935 shelter systems as a medical treatment areas during the 2014 Van’s Warped Tour.
Establishing First Aid During 4th of July at Liberty State Park
Introducing C2 Communications Systems
Western Shelter is pleased to partner with SOI to bring you the very best in Command and Control communications systems.
Hospital del Niño, San José Costa Rica
Western Shelter worked with the Hospital del Niño to create a mobile medical shelter system to act as surgery, triage, intensive care, recovery, and staff quarters in case the hospital facilities should become compromised during a disaster.
Emergency Response Training at Riverbend Hospital
Last week the team at Riverbend hospital deployed their cache of disaster response shelters and equipment in order to train on how to deploy the portable shelter system during an emergency.