Oil Spill Recovery with Hamilton County EMA
Hamilton County Emergency Management Agency deployed their shelter system to aide in the recovery of an oil spill in a county park. The shelter system acted as a base of operations for crews working to clean up the damage from a ruptured pipeline in the area.
New 1929 Rapid Inflatable Shelter
Respond to an initial emergency within minutes by deploying the 1929 Rapid Inflatable Shelter solution and rapidly expand by integrating additional shelters.
Shelter Maintenance Plan
Follow these simple steps and keep your shelter in optimal working condition for years to come.
Prepare to Respond
Whether it's participation in a simulated, multi-agency response training or increasing your team's knowledge of deployment tactics and product operation, our Advanced Training Staff can put together a program to help your team prepare to respond.
Vigilant Guard 2014
Western Shelter Systems were deployed as a command post in Anchorage for the National Guard's cold weather disaster response training exercises.